> Kristen Bell stars in d

3E darkly comic thriller ^


a v a a

5 THE GILDED AGE | ‘Atrip backin time from the : ^ creator of Downton Abbey



Vicky McClurein anexplosive thriller




Premier League

FOOTBALL BT Sport HD 6 Sky Sports HD Today's fixtures include Everton v Aston Villa (BT Sport 1 HD, kick-off 12.30pm) and Southampton v Manchester City (Sky Sports Main Event HD & Sky Sports Premier League HD, kick-off 5.

The Masked Singer ENTERTAINMENT ITV HD, 7pm

Joel Dommett hosts as the remaining celebrity singers take to the stage, with Davina McCall and Rita Ora (both above), plus Jonathan Ross and Mo Gilligan trying to S who's behind the mask.

Dolly F Parton at the BBC MUSIC BBC2 HD, 8.30pm

A trawl through the archives showcases the country star’s BBC appearances over the years, including performances of Jolene, 9 to 5, Islands in the Stream and Here You Come Again.

The Alpinist

DOCUMENTARY Sky Documentaries HD, 9pm

Following late Canadian solo climber Marc-Andre Leclerc, who made some of the boldest ascents in history, as he embarked on an adventure in Patagonia.

E Full listings start on p35

X A. NEW ?| pa

The Good Karma Hospital

ITV HD, 8pm As the drama setin India returns, Lydia (Amanda Redman) is forced to admit a girl with a highly contagious virus when Ruby (Amrita Acharia) and a new doctor break protocol. See feature, page 12


Call the Midwife

BBCT HD, 8pm Asthe series continues, Cyril (Zephryn Taitte, above) continues to search for a new job that will put his qualification to use, and Lucille (Leonie Elliott) comes to terms with usada eus news.

The Caribbean with Andi and Miquita

BBC2 HD, 9pm Great British Menu host Andi Oliver and her TV presenter daughter Miquita visit Antigua and the Leeward Islands to discover more about their Lage

Trigger Point ITV HD, 9pm Vicky McClure and Adrian Lester star as E ex-military bomb- disposal experts dealing with a terrorist threat. See feature, page 6


DRAMA Sky Atlantic HD, 9pm

Asthe finance drama returns for its sixth series, billionaire Mike Prince (Corey Stoll) goes head-to-head with New York Attorney General Chuck Rhoades

(Paul Giamatti). See EOS page 7 7

= peus Gems A

| gu ETT se sp

The Nilsen Files


A look at the case of serial killer Dennis Nilsen, asking whether homophobic attitudes hindered the investigation. All three eps will be on iPlayer after the first ep airs. Seedocumentanes, page 20

The Responder

DRAMA BBC1 HD, 9pm | Martin Freeman is a cop struggling to cope with his work. Continues tomorrow. All five eps will be on iPlayer

after the first =p airs. See aie page. 4

i l, Sniper: The . Washington Killers DOCUMENTARY C4 HD, 10pm A look atthe 2002 DC sniper attacks, when John Allen Muhammad and his 17- year-old accomplice carried out random shootings. See documentaries, page 21

W Fulllistings start on p55

x yi » (NEW W ra DRAMA Netflix As series three of the post-apocalyptic saga begins, Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs) and a group of rebels have

commandeered a pirate train to rescue Melanie (Jennifer Connelly).

Neymar: The

Perfect Chaos DOCUMENTARY Netflix

Thestory of the personal and career highs and lows of the Paris Saint- Germain and Brazilian footballer, with Lionel Messi among the contributors.

Secrets of the Krays

DOCUMENTARY ITV HD, 9pm (not Scot) Previously shown on BritBox, this documentary takes a fresh look at how London's East End gangsters the Kray twins built their criminal empire in Britain inthe 1960s.

The Gilded Age

DRAMA Sky Atlantic HD, 9pm

Julian Fellowes, the creator of Downton Abbey, brings viewers a new period drama set at a time of great economic change in America in the late- 19th century. See feature, page 8

E L Full listings start on p65

Katie Price' S Mucky Mansion

C4 HD, 9pm In a new series, the reality star renovates her family home, starting with a new design for the kitchen and a jungle- themed bedroom for her youngest son.

- Blades: Learning ead at 51 BBC1 HD, 9pm (times vary) The presenter of The Repair Shop reveals the impact his poor reading skills have had on his life. See feature, page 11

Final iem Storyville

BBC4 HD, 10pm Interviews with Germans and Austrians, aged in their 80s and 90s, who witnessed the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler, including SS members, concentration- Camp guards and civilians.

The Mind of Herbert Clunkerdunk

BBC2 HD, 10pm & 10.15pm (times vary) Spencer Jones’ sitcom returns for asecond series. All five eps will be on iPlayer after the first two eps air. See feature, page 12


Hotel Portofino

IMA BritBox Natascha McElhone stars as the daughter of a wealthy industrialist who sets up a classic English hotel in a village on the Italian Riviera in the 1920s. See Your Watchlist, page 17

Sma rt Motorways: Hitting the Brakes?

| ITV HD, 7.30pm (times vary) As the Eoveninent announces a pause in theroll-outof smart motorways, Ginny Buckley investigates whether they are really dangerous - and how to make them safer.

Survivors: Portraits ol the Holocaust

oF ^ BBC2 HD, 9pm In anew documentary marking Holocaust Memorial Day, Prince Charles asks artists to paint seven of the last survivors of World War Two’s Holocaust.

The Apprentice

'EALITY BBCT HD, 9pm As the series continues, the candidates have to source and create a fish dish, with half of them heading to Cornwall and the remainder staying in London to strike a deal with a corporate client.

The Womanin the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

THRILLER Netflix Kristen Bell spies amurder. See Your | Watchlist, page 14

m" n]

The Afterparty


In this new murder mystery, Detective Danner (Tiffany Haddish, above) investigates when pop star Xavier (Dave Franco)is found dead after a party at his home. The question is: who did it?

The Last Leg

ENTERTAINMENT C4 HD, 10pm Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker return for a new series, once again joined by celebrity guests to round up, examine and explain the most entertaining news stories of the week.

The Graham Norton Show AN ISSUE!

Download a di to your tablet from your iPa

IPhone App Store

CHAT SHOW BBC1 HD, 10.35pm (times vary)

Norton chats to actor Penélope Cruz (above) and director Pedro Almodóvar about their new film Parallel Mothers. James McAvoy is also on the sofa.

E Full listings start on p95

EB (UTI. als | Magazine


Respon nde? eR }

ars aS Martin Freeman st: front-line police ‘aca to hold his life together J|

This Hpi u

22-28 January 2 2022 Cover story

Martin Freeman stars as a troubled urgent I police officer in The Responder

TV week New period drama The Gilded Age from Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes, plus Vicky McClure and Adrian Lester in new action drama Trigger Point, and the return of Billions

Soap diary

This week s big stories

Your Watchlist

Kristen Bell in The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

Documentaries Including The Nilsen Files

Films Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci hit the road in Supernova


T20 cricket: West Indies v England

TV guide

Day-by-day TV listings Kids’ TV Coming Soon


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à: gna GILDED | MGE.

ai. a)


i AMNES M oe

"es - e m 2-— n - ^a

gital issue t or phone



at magazinesdirect com

ing out of control...

zt ; =e ;

rn] "eene


in Freeman is a Liverpool police officer on night patrol whose

IS spinn




| e c

© T. I “lola D JE E g|or2 o Q| 2| E id Sa | om um | S |O I | e |. a (eD) | eum | O| Q r d | til. ( JHE | Š +w | © | “a S

= E e

The Responder

Mon & Tue, BBC1 HD, 9pm

Having starred in Sherlock and A Confession, Martin Freeman is no stranger to playing TV crime- solvers. But the BAFTA-winning actor breaks gritty new ground this week when he plays a front- line copper battling to hold his life together in BBC1 drama The Responder. Created by first-time screenwriter and former police officer Tony Schumacher (see right), the five-part series follows urgent response officer Chris Carson - whos been demoted from detective as he answers a host of emergency calls while on night shifts in Liverpool. However, with the stress of his demanding job overtaking him, his marriage crumbling and some dodgy criminal contacts catching up with him, Chris is struggling to keep his head above water. Chris is a decent human being, 22 but the challenges of doing a ga stressful job for so long have taken some of the shine off his character; explains Freeman. ‘Hes turning up at the worst times in peoples lives and that inevitably has an impact on him. Hes going through some serious stuff, but theres a real mix of strength and vulnerability in him, which was one of the things Iloved about the script:

CRIMINAL PURSUIT Teetering on the verge of a mental- health crisis, Chris struggles to open up to his counsellor in the opening episode, before driving all over Liverpool at the behest of a local drug dealer, Carl Sweeney (Ian Hart). Chris and Carl have known each other since their schooldays and now the criminal is calling in a favour by demanding that Chris track down 19-year-old heroin addict Casey (Emily Fairn), who Carl believes has stolen a stash

of his drugs.

5 P e

4 LL ~~ also star rk


i ul TOM A E < MyAnna Buring ., and Warren Brown


‘Chris is involved with some people he really shouldnt be; says Freeman, 50. ‘Hes juggling lots of heavy

plates and he knows if he drops

any of them, he could wind up dead, so hes wondering how hes going to keep afloat. Chris makes some bad choices, but hopefully viewers will still root for him: Meanwhile, the police officers home life is also falling apart as Chris struggles to be there for his wife Kate (MyAnna Buring) and young daughter, as Kate desperately tries to pull her husband back from the brink of a nervous

‘He has anxiety and depression, which he really struggles to talk about with anyone, says The Hobbit star. People ask if I did research into that, but I've had anxiety and depression in my lifetime and when you read the script and see what Chris has been through, its easy to understand those feelings:

The impressive cast features such

well-known stars as Rita à Tushingham, Warren Á Brown, Mark Womack

and David Bradley, plus E

| an exciting array of young talent, including Josh Finan as Marco and Adelayo Adedayo, who plays idealistic

_ police rookie Rachel si

a Hargreaves.

‘Chris is a solitary figure when we first meet him, but as the series unfolds, hes partnered with Rachel; reveals Freeman. ‘She's new to the job and doesnt like Chris, as she suspects hes bent. Meanwhile, Chris has very little time for this young trainee, who judges him on what hes been doing these past 20 years.

‘Theres a barely-disguised antipathy between them. However, as the story progresses, Rachel begins to find out more about Chris and discovers he may not be as bad as hes been made out to be:

After signing up for the series

. before the pandemic,

1 I’ve h ad anxiety Freeman spent most


of the first lockdown speaking to writer Tony Schumacher on the phone about his life as a police officer and used the time to perfect his Liverpudlian accent.

‘T definitely had to work on it; he laughs. Td call Tony at all hours to ask how he said certain words. The first read-through with a load of Liverpudlian actors was pretty nerve-racking, but a few of them joked that they didnt know I was originally from Liverpool, which was a big relief.

‘If [hadnt got the accent right, I just would have done my own voice. There was no way I was prepared to go on telly doing aterrible Scouse accent with a load of Liverpudlian actors:


All five eps will be on BBC iPlayer after the first ep airs.


= streets of Liverpool.

Drug dealer Carl Sweeney (lan Hart) and his sidekicks add to the officer's woes


Tony Schumacher on P how his own experience e

First-time screenwriter

> Tony Schumacher has based * The Responder onthe pressures = hefacedinreallife as an urgent

response officer on the

‘In some way, I feel that this is my story. I was out in the rain in the middle of the night, chasing people up and down alleyways,’ he says. “But I quit the police because I was cracking up and needed to get away and find myself.’

While pursuing a career as a writer, Schumacher worked as a taxi driver, and got his big break when he was introduced to Cracker and Time creator Jimmy McGovern, a fellow Liverpudlian, as part of a writing mentorship scheme.

‘d dreamt of writing for television ever since | was a kid and Jimmy encouraged me to write my story,’ says Schumacher. ‘I’m the luckiest man alive to get to do this for a living now.’



|Schumacher's working life had

parallels with Chris Carson's

TVaSatellite Week 5

‘It’s a dynamic and

action-packed series’ F VICKY McCLURE

M » | y The team: Pete (Tom Stokes), E Joel (Adrian Lester), Lana (Vicky. = McClure) and Danny (Eric Shango) | L

Vicky McClure

and Adrian Lester are bomb-disposal experts facing a terrorist threat in an explosive new thriller

Trigger Point Sunday, ITV HD, 9pm

Vicky McClure is reunited with Line of Duty creator Jed Mercurio in this new ITV drama about a pair of bomb-disposal experts battling to save London from a deadly terrorist plot.

The six-part series begins with a bang when Lana Washington (McClure) and her fellow operative, Joel Nutkins (Adrian Lester), are called to investigate a suspected bomb factory in a block of flats. 1

Lana and Joel bonded when x they both served in the military E ' m m pc Cd NEAN = in Afghanistan, and now work as of the residents, the expos realise off when approaching a device. ‘The real expos would be in a suit explosives officers - known as an that the bomb is part of a wider They explained how the helmet all day, whereas I couldnt wait to expo - forthe Metropolitan Police ^ terrorist conspiracy, and this might impair your sight or knock get out of it after the director yelled, Bomb Disposal Squad. incident has set the clock ticking the device - and, to be honest, its “Cut!” But wearing it certainly

on a city-wide bombing campaign. ^ not going to save you if it goes off: helped me get my head in the game:

EMERGENCY ‘Its a dynamic and action-packed The series was shot during last The drama - which also features At the flats, they discover that series, says McClure, whos played summers heatwave, which wasnt Warren Brown, Ralph Ineson and a young mother and her daughter DI Kate Fleming in Line of Dutyfor easy for the cast, who were kitted Pippa Haywood - was created by have been tied up by masked six series. It will put you on the out in heavy-duty protective suits. new writer Daniel Brierley and intruders who told them to alert edge of your seat waiting for the ‘The suits that expos wearareso overseen by executive producer the police to a bomb threat. next explosive situation: heavy - they weigh about | Jed Mercurio, who was

After evacuating the property, To research their roles, the cast the same as I do, EEATT delighted to reunite Lana and Joel are shocked to spoke to real-life expos about reveals McClure. for explosives. with McClure discover a live device attached their high-stakes occupations. ‘They offered to | after their work to a toilet with the capacity to raze ‘They talked about “the long take the weight _ b. together on

the entire block of flats to the walk" and the feeling you get when out to make it - | A= HER Line of Duty. ground. Can the pair disable the youre heading towards a device, easier for us -—A— ^ ban Its always device and prevent a disaster? says McClure, 38. “They really to film, but I d " OG 9 apleasure Meanwhile, as DI Thom helped us understand what life as decided to keep A> EP working with Youngblood (Mark Stanley) and an expo is like. I was shocked when the weight in so CEA i Vicky and this his team strive to evacuate more they told us they take their helmets it was true to life. p" / time we didnt

6 TVsSatellite Week

Engl a ee TI ata, mE. Up etas lee

sdmpT iras.

have [Line of Duty co-stars] Martin Compston and Adrian Dunbar spoiling things, laughs Mercurio, 55, who reveals his biggest challenge was filming on location in London.


Getting access to film in London

is always hard because it’s a big, bustling city, and when you say you want to blow things up, theres an incredible amount of paperwork; he explains. "The big hook of Trigger Point is the mystery of whos behind these bombs, as its not

immediately clear what the purpose of the terrorist campaign is:

As wellas the twists and turns of the script, McClure was also drawn to her character, Lana, who works in a male-dominated profession.

Colleagues Lana and Joel have known each other since servingin the military

‘I was taken with Lana straight away, she explains. Shes nota mother and shes not married - shes very much a career-focused woman in a mans world. I love the fact this is a story about a female expo, because they do exist:

McClure hopes that Trigger Point becomes appointment viewing in the same way Line of Duty did. And shes made sure that her old pals from AC-12 will be tuning in...

‘Were still in a WhatsApp group together, she smiles. ‘I FaceTimed Martin Compston and Adrian Dunbar and told them that I had a new partner now!

‘They were a bit jealous that I'm working with Jed again so soon, but they think the show sounds amazing and cant wait to see it.

Mike Prince (Corey Stoll) and |

Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti)

NEW Billions

Monday, Sky Atlantic HD, 9pm

High-stakes finance drama Billions returns to Sky Atlantic this week for a sixth season of power battles, double-crossing, vendettas and greed.

But this time, the show will be without Damian Lewis, who has played billionaire hedge- fund manager Bobby ‘Axe’ Axelrod since the series began in 2016.

The British actor’s decision to take a step back has long been in the works, and also follows the death last year of his wife, actor Helen McCrory.

"We're not saying it's goodbye for ever, but Damian’s time as a regular on Billions has come to an end; says showrunner Brian Koppelman. ‘What he did in making Bobby Axelrod an icon was remarkable. He travelled back and forth to England for years to be with his family it’s impossible to imagine just how hard he worked on the show:

The last season ended with Axe fleeing to Switzerland after he

It’s all TET on Wall Street as Billions returns ~ but without Damian Lewis

w [as Mike Wagner |

was set to be arrested for a dodgy deal with marijuana kingpin Dawn Winslow (Janeane Garofalo), which left him vulnerable to charges

of money laundering.

Meanwhile, rival billionaire Mike Prince (Corey Stoll), who helped engineer Axe’s downfall, will take centre stage after buying up Axe’s bank and hedge fund - a move that will lead to conflict with New York Attorney General Chuck

_ Rhoades (Paul Giamatti), b who will target Prince NIEVE DET for A depriving him of the opportunity B to put Axe behind bars. Elsewhere, Axe’s former underlings Dollar Bill (Kelly AuCoin) and Mafee (Dan Soder) look set to start their own company, while Axe's right-hand man, Mike ‘Wags’ Wagner (David Costabile), has been left to face the legal reckoning and Chuck’s ex Wendy (Maggie Siff) must deal with the end of her potential romance with Axe after she decided not to join him in Switzerland.

‘This season is an evolution of the show; says Koppelman. ‘It’s structured differently, but all the characters still have their own needs and wants - and those desires might very well come into conflict with other characters:

TVaSatellite Week


[holds fast to old-fashioned im

P s i | values and detests the -


The Gilded Age

Writer Julian Fellowes is best-known for shining a spotlight on the lives and loves of the British aristocracy and their servants in the early 20th century in Downton Abbey. Now, in his new series, The Gilded Age, he turns his attention to the compelling romances, schemes and ambitions of the upper echelons of New York society and their staffin the 1880s.

The period was a time of huge economic change as the wealthy elite who came from ‘old money were faced with middle-class rivals profiting from growing industries.

‘I was always interested in the Gilded Age, that period after the American Civil War when enormous fortunes made from railway, shipping, copper and coal were flooding into New York, explains Fellowes. But it was the Gilded Age, not the Golden Age. It was all about the look of things, creating the right image. So you had great rivalries between the new families and the old:

That class warfare is at the heart of the drama, which follows penniless but strong-minded orphan Marian Brook

Julian Fellowes brings wealthy © Ne”) YOrK high society to life ir t Rr

(newcomer Louisa Jacobson, the daughter of MerylStreep) as she moves to New York to live with her estranged aunts, Ada and Agnes, after her father's death.


Although spinster Ada (Cynthia Nixon) is caring, her no-nonsense older sibling Agnes (Christine Baranski) holds the purse strings and despises the nouveau riche who she sees as a threat to the upper classes.

‘I found the character of Ada delicious with her humour and her sweetness. She is effusive, enthusiastic and heart-on-sleeve; I dont get the chance to play that often, says Sex and the Citys Nixon. "Theresa pe line Marian has when = someone asks what her. aunts are like. She says, “One of thems clever p but not very kind. The ' others kind but not very clever.”

The Good Fight's Baranski describes Agnes as stringent and authoritative. ‘She's certain that her decision is

Jacobson and Bentonas Marian and Peggy


the right one, she says. ‘But, as I got to know her, I came to like Agnes. She has a dry, withering sense of humour and is one of those crusty old characters but you see a softer side: Among those who set Agnes teeth on edge are her neighbours George Russell (Morgan Spector) and his wife Bertha (Carrie Coon), who have made their money in railroads. While George is keen to expand his business, Bertha wants to become a leading light in high society. But she finds it hard to be accepted by the old guard. Agnes is appalled by the change in New York, a change she senses will not be for the better; explains Baranski. She sounds like a snob, but what we see emerging is a world of rampant capitalism, people spending insane amounts E" ofmoneyto impress other people. Theres no amount of gold paintthats enough for these people, and Agnes is horrified by that: Asthe old- | money families fight for

supremacy, Marian

struggles to find her own place in the fast-changing world, while both the Russells’ son Larry (Harry Richardson) and her lawyer Tom Raikes (Thomas Cocquerel) could bring romance into her life.


‘Marian knows that her fate will be to marry well, but she wants more, says Jacobson. ‘She is curtailed by the rules, but theres a modern streak in her. She wants to do something with her life. At first I thought she was rebellious and petulant but shes also likeable:

Also trying to carve out her own future in New York is budding young African-American writer Peggy Scott (Denée Benton), who becomes friends with Marian after they meet on their way to the city, and social inequality and the racial divide in the period come under the spotlight.

A black woman and a white woman at that time would not automatically have become fast friends. There were too many obstacles, reveals Jacobson. Peggy has to be careful - the stakes are a matter of life and death for her, and Marian doesnt understand that.

Put with Julians writing, theres so much more happening than whats on the page. The story came alive for me in amazing and unexpected ways.


George’ s ambitious wife wants ! up = to claim her place in New York > m society and controls sweet BC i We YT [daughter Gladys (Taissa Farmiga). | ee

sister relies on her for financial support, but has more broad- minded views than her sibling.

The spirited young Bertha and woman arrives in George’s kindly New York from son has just Pennsylvania and | graduated from gets embroiled in Harvard and the city's complex soon catches social mores. Marian's eye.

Oscar van Rhijn

Peggy Scott

Marian befriends the aspiring writer Agnes' fun-loving

son disagrees with

estranged from his mother and is

her mother lookingto marrya | Dorothy (Audra wealthy heiress McDonald)? but he has secrets... J George Tom Raikes Russell

The shrewd The principled railway magnate, Pennsylvania

whois dubbed a lawyer takes a

shine to Marian but would her aunts | approve of him?

‘robber baron’, will stop at nothing

to get his own way.

The police arrive i 1

to arrest Bernie v |

This week's soaps at a glance


Bernie confesses all about her deal with Clint

Having done a secret deal with ‘hero Clint to force him to hand over half of the reward pot he was given for bringing missing Joseph home, Bernie is keen to use the cash to help her struggling family. But as she invites her relatives to a meal at Speed Daal with the Alahans, Chesney wonders how she can afford it.

Bernie then has a nervous moment when Fiz catches daughter Hope - who orchestrated Josephs disappearance - with a huge stash of sweets she has bought with the money Clint gave her to keep quiet. And she warns

Joseph not to spend his own loot.

>> It’s over for Charity and Mack as he drunkenly kisses Dawn (right), Vinny is hopeful of Liv's release when new evidence emerges, Meena wants revenge on love rival Dawn, and Leyla helps Jacob deal with his anger.

1 =

She doesnt take her own advice, however, and later buys thelad a video game. She claims it was funded by a pay rise from Dev, but Evelyns unconvinced.

Suspecting her neighbour faked

Josephs disappearance to cash in, the pensioner calls the police. Bernie admits everything, and shes carted off to the nick... along with an innocent Chesney. Will Ches pay the price for her deception?

Faye admits to Craig that she killed Ted, Sally is arrested as Tim has his heart op, Lydia clocks the spark between Daniel and Daisy, Jenny gets a shock regarding Leo, and Max swerves the school’s consent workshop.


wes .

» Phil Disi up with Kat (above), Bailey vies to matchmake Mitch and Karen, Kheerat tries to get Gray to confess,

Ben has a flashback to the attack, Stuart panics about his operation, and Mick helps Janine to win favour with Scarlett.



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edid ends 20 January ? Join BT today.

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EsiNCO xq 4o Sp ln


i Jay Blades on his lifelong" ‘Struggle to read..

"s, a | E | E a [e "x ota | A | ka= i NEW

Jay Blades: Learning to Read at 51

Around eight million adults in the 23 UK struggle to read - a number BM that includes The Repair Shop presenter Jay Blades. The London-born furniture restorer left school with no qualifications and was only diagnosed with dyslexia when he was 31.

This week, hes on a mission to conquer his fear of the | written word in a candid new documentary, Jay Blades: Learning to Read at 51, as he takes reading lessons, meets


Did your Repair Shop colleagues know you couldn't read? No, for the first three years the producers

meeting a younger me. It could have been me there.

Suzie Fletcher on (|

m - The Repair Shop (XS n

vc other adults in his situation, " What's your main motivation to $ were sending me pagesofnoteson MEZ 2 and reveals the impact his poor woodwork. It was B learntoread now? I wanted to the people coming in and the items =

literacy skills have had on his life. deemed wed mess everything up. be able to read to my daughter, they brought. I never once read | We caught up with Blades, 51, Zola. Even though shes 15 now, E them. For me, myroleisjusttwo 3 3 to find out more... How did not being able to read I've never been able to read her a people having a chat. When I told $ | affect your prospects after story. I also want to inspire people everyone, they were really supportive. * | How did you get through school = school? I did alot of low-level jobs li like me who are dyslexic. I wish Id told them sooner. : - without being able to read? where no reading was needed. | ie Z8 Secondary school was a bit naughty 1 When you look at the statistics, . How have you coped over the What advice would you give to i

for me. The class I was in was called 50% ofthe prison population can't years? I rely alot on technology; people who are inspired to learn ‘L for learners but was known read or struggle with reading. I send voice notes instead of texts. toread? The charity Read Easy [iii ll as L for losers, so thats how we , That just proves that path can When I got a letter telling me is an amazing organisation that | f | P got treated. The Ls werent allowed | lead to a dead-end job or, worse, Id got an MBE, I thought it was has volunteer reading coaches | B LL to do chemistry or anything criminality. In the programme, a bill because it came with an who can help. It isnt a quick fix, aM G | that included something sharp I chat to a young guy in prison official-looking crest. I had to get though. Therehastobealevelof EN or hot, so